Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety

Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety

Our research supports the US Department of Energy, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other federal agencies in conducting applied R&D related to developing advanced reactor concepts for small modular reactors, molten salt reactors (both fluid and solid fueled), and space power applications. Such support includes conducting systems analyses for nuclear hybrid energy systems, evaluating siting options for new nuclear capacity, performing reactor dynamic modeling to support early design choices, developing advanced instrumentation and control (I&C) systems; conducting engineering economics assessments of costs, and analyzing the safety implications of these new technologies and reactor designs including the use of probabilistic risk assessment tools.


Supervisory Control System for Multi-Modular Advanced Reactors

The proposed supervisory control system (SCS) may provide considerable benefits to advanced small modular reactors, including reduced plant staffing, optimized maintenance activities, greater plant...

Impact of thermal spectrum small modular reactors on performance of once-through nuclear fuel cycles with low-enriched uranium

Small modular reactors (SMRs) offer potential benefits, such as enhanced operational flexibility. However, it is vital to understand the holistic impact of SMRs on nuclear fuel cycle performance. The...

Preconceptual design of a fluoride high temperature salt-cooled engineering demonstration reactor: Motivation and overview

Engineering demonstration reactors are nuclear reactors built to establish proof of concept for technology options that have never been built. Examples of engineering demonstration reactors include...


Support the design, operation, control, and safety of nuclear systems focusing on the development of next generation reactors for terrestrial and space power applications and identify the requisite technologies requiring further R&D to evolve these advanced concepts and technologies. 


Employ a broad range of expertise that includes reactor physics, modeling and simulation, thermal hydraulics, digital I&C, safety analysis, systems engineering, probabilistic risk assessment, reactor operations, and the regulatory requirements and supporting licensing process to address the challenging and complex issues associated with the development of advanced reactor and non-reactor nuclear systems technologies.

Major Sponsors:

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission