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Ground Based Collection of Fine Particulates for Volatile Samples

Topics: Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Security Science and Technology

Early forming refractory particles (blue) close-in. Late forming volatile particles (red) downwind.Problem Statement

Optimize the location of fixed samplers (emplacement) or define the timeline for operations of mobile samplers to collect during cloud passage.

Technical Approach

  • Calculate the characteristics of airborne debris at distances greater than 10 miles.
  • Review ground based air sampling conducted during US atmospheric testing.
  • Develop an Airborne Debris Collection Planning Tool.
  • Suggest sampling plans for ground based air samplers for NTNF.


Ensure samples collected from ground-based air sampling contain sufficient quantity (equivalent fissions) and quality (r-values > 1.0) for radiochemical analysis prior to the development of sampling hardware solutions.

Ground based air samplers used during Operation Upshot-Knothole (Rainey, 1954).


Project Details

Principle Investigator
Funding Source
Department of Energy (DOE)