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Feasibility of Process Model, Sensor Integration for Safeguards - Relevant Determinations (Enrichment Plant Operations)

Topics: Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Security Science and Technology

Problem Statement

Current enrichment plant operation monitoring is limited by practicality of regular visits by onsite inspectors. Improvement could be achieved by incorporating additional sensor measurements to facilitate unattended monitoring. This project uses cascade modeling to describe off-normal or undeclared operations and to assess the utility of sensor measurements such as flow rates and assays of principal and minor isotopes to observe aberrant operations.

Technical Approach

•Simulations of declared and undeclared operations will be performed using the code MSTAR2012.
•Additional coding will be developed to handle some undeclared scenarios.
•A number of scenarios will be developed to describe off-normal and undeclared operations, and to assess measurable quantities that could identify such operations.
•A comprehensive review of measurement hardware both in use and under development. The ability of various measurement devices to observe undeclared operations will be assessed.  Optimal placement of such sensors will be prescribed.


An assessment of the state-of-the-art for unattended monitoring of enrichment plants and prescription for future research and implementation to enhance monitoring capabilities.

Project Details

Principle Investigator