Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group

Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group

By moving technologies to full use in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors through applications research and technical assistance, the Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group helps optimize the energy performance of buildings. Federal and private sector building and plant owners reduce energy consumption through the Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group’s toolkit.

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Nanoscale tomography reveals the deactivation of automotive copper-exchanged zeolite catalysts

Copper-exchanged zeolite chabazite (Cu-SSZ-13) was recently commercialized for the selective catalytic reduction of NO X with ammonia in vehicle emissions as it exhibits superior reaction...

Energy and emissions saving potential of additive manufacturing: the case of lightweight aircraft components

Additive manufacturing (AM) holds great potential for improving materials efficiency, reducing life-cycle impacts, and enabling greater engineering functionality compared to conventional...

Preliminary Results from Electric Arc Furnace Off-Gas Enthalpy Modeling

This article describes electric arc furnace (EAF) off-gas enthalpy models developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to calculate overall heat availability (sensible and chemical enthalpy)...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The Energy Efficiency and Research Analysis (EERA) Group’s primary mission is to research, analyze, and disseminate knowledge on energy efficiency and to develop, deploy and promote impactful practices and technologies in the field of energy efficiency. The EERA Group’s energy efficiency technology deployment efforts cover manufacturing sites, commercial buildings (including federal facilities), and residential homes. The vision of EERA Group is energy efficient, resilient, and competitive residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. 

Supported Programs

The Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group (EERA) supports several Department of Energy (DOE) programs including the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) Better Plants Program, the Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program (WIP), and the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP). EERA also serves DOE’s Energy System Software Tools and Training and the AMO Strategic Analysis Team.