Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis

Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis

The Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis group is engaged in developing methods and providing analysis and assessments to inform the decision process and to improve the management of risks to human health and the environment that are associated with energy production, hazardous waste, national security, and natural disasters.

Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis


Validation and uncertainty qualification of detector response functions for a 1' x 2" NaI collimated detector intended for inverse radioisotope source mapping applications

Detector response functions (DRFs) are often used for inverse analysis. We compute the DRF of a sodium iodide (NaI) nuclear material holdup field detector using the code named g03 developed by the...

Comparison of photon organ and effective dose coefficients for PIMAL stylized phantom in bent positions in standard irradiation geometries

Computational phantoms with articulated arms and legs have been constructed to enable the estimation of radiation dose in different postures. Through a graphical user interface, the Phantom wIth...

Organ and effective dose rate coefficients for submersion exposure in occupational settings

External dose coefficients for environmental exposure scenarios are often computed using assumption on infinite or semi-infinite radiation sources. For example, in the case of a person standing on...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The research conducted by the Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis Group focuses on integrated, multidisciplinary assessments [including environmental impact assessments prepared under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)], human health risk assessment (including dosimetry and radiation protection), toxicology (including the derivation of safe human exposure levels), and regulatory analysis.  The Group also conducts research on sustainable technology development through modeling, assessment, analysis, evaluation, and pilot projects to create innovative solutions to complex energy and environmental challenges for the Department of Defense.  The products and deliverables prepared by the Group provide information to DOE and other Federal agencies in order to support fully informed decision making and to assist those agencies with the development of regulatory standards.


Amy K Wolfe

Sustainable Systems and Social Sciences Group Leader

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