Energy-Water Resource Systems

Energy-Water Resource Systems

The Energy-Water Resource Systems group supports the testing, evaluation, development and demonstration and deployment of innovative technologies capable of generating renewable, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective energy from water resources.


Development and implementation of an optimization model for hydropower and total dissolved gas in the mid-columbia river system

Managing energy, water, and environmental priorities and constraints within a cascade hydropower system is a challenging multi-objective optimization effort that requires advanced modeling and...

Predicting total dissolved gas travel time in hydropower reservoirs

Large spills at hydropower facilities can produce environmentally unfavorable supersaturated total dissolved gas (TDG) conditions. Enhanced coordination between adjacent hydropower facilities is...

Integrating a reservoir regulation scheme into a spatially distributed hydrological model

During the past several decades, numerous reservoirs have been built across the world for a variety of purposes such as flood control, irrigation, municipal/industrial water supplies, and hydropower...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The group applies its efforts to new hydropower technology and development, and existing hydropower technology.

Hydropower research examines existing, aging fleet to improve performance, cost-effectively, flexibility and sustainably increase generation.  This is achieved through equipment modernization, capacity increases, and water use optimization.  This group is committed to facilitating a collaborative effort for new, small hydropower technology research and development that is economical and environmentally compatible.