Electrical Systems Engineering and Integration

Electrical Systems Engineering and Integration

The Electrical Systems Engineering and Integration (ESEI) Group researches, develops, and deploys innovative systems in instrumentation and control systems, system validation and environmental testing, robust data collection systems, and testing to support isotope separation and national security.

Data Acquisition Array


A Novel Technique Applying Spectral Estimation to Johnson Noise Thermometry

Johnson noise thermometry is one of many important measurement techniques used to monitor the safety levels and stability in a nuclear reactor. However, this measurement is very dependent on the...

Guide for Standards Based Testing of Radiation Detection Systems

The Preventative Radiological/Nuclear Detection (PRND) community uses instruments to detect and identify radiological material. • Instruments are tested against requirements established in consensus...

Improved Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique Results of Thick Concrete Specimens through Frequency Banding

A multitude of concrete-based structures are typically part of a light water reactor (LWR) plant to provide the foundation, support, shielding, and containment functions. This use has made its long-...


The ESEI Group has substantial expertise in the areas of design, fabrication, and deployment of robust high-performance instrumentation, control, and data collection systems.  The group also has many years of experience in systematic testing in a controlled environment using standards-based protocols to characterize and identify environmental vulnerabilities to support successful deployment of field test equipment.  The group’s depth of expertise in the design, development, and analysis of instrumentation and control system hardware and software  have enabled it to play a key role in the isotope separation programs at ORNL.