Complex Systems


Staggered Scheduling of Sensor Estimation and Fusion for Tracking Over Long-Haul Links

Networked sensing can be found in a multitude of real-world applications. We focus on the communication-and computation-constrained long-haul sensor networks, where sensors are remotely deployed over...

Performance Models for Split-execution Computing Systems

Split-execution computing leverages the capabilities of multiple computational models to solve problems, but splitting program execution across different computational models incurs costs associated...

Discrimination of correlated and entangling quantum channels with selective process tomography

The accurate and reliable characterization of quantum dynamical processes underlies efforts to validate quantum technologies, where discrimination between competing models of observed behaviors...

Current Capabilities & Research Areas

  • Missile defense: exo-atmospheric reentry vehicle discrimination, electronic counter-counter-measures, flash hyperspectral imaging, counter-space (VLBI), hypersonic gliders
  • Modeling and Simulation: sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification, propagation, and reduction in complex nonlinear models, automated differentiation, global optimization
  • Real-time high-performance computing: emerging many-core and digital-optical-core processors for massively parallel, network-embedded, real-time signal processing applications: Nvidia GPUs (including Tegra-K1/X1), Intel MIC (Xeon-phi), DARPA HyperX, EnLight, JJ superconducting circuits
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare: ultra-sensitive spatio-temporal coherent detection, tracking, discrimination, biomimetic vector sensor towed phased arrays, OFDM sonar
  • OFDM Radar: detection, tracking (delay-Doppler sparsity), adaptive waveforms design, micro-Doppler feature extraction, AESA W-band ISAR, dense EM environments (anti-DRFM )
  • Laser arrays: directed energy, terahertz sources, blue sources (satellite to underwater communications), fiber optics
  • Quantum optics: quantum cryptography, quantum communications, quantum remote sensing
  • Quantum Computing: programming & SW, quantum network testbed simulator
  • Computer Science: asynchronous algorithms, cyber-physical networks
  • Discrete Mathematics: graph theory, game theory, combinatorial optimization
  • Intelligent Systems: multisensor fusion, neurocomputing, machine learning, detection and localization of radiation sources