Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Computing

Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Computing

The Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Computing Group at ORNL is committed to conducting research in computational, data, and engineering sciences in the context of biomedical, clinical, and public health disciplines and applying this knowledge to support the nation’s leading health initiatives.


A Novel Cyber-Informatics Approach for Automated Surveillance of Cancer Mortality Trends

Cancer surveillance data are collected every year in the United States via the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) and the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program of the...

The Utility of Web Mining for Epidemiological Research: Exploring the Association Between Parity and Cancer Risk

BACKGROUND:  The World Wide Web has emerged as a powerful data source for epidemiological studies related to infectious disease surveillance. However, its potential for cancer-related epidemiological...


The strategic mission of the Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Computing (BSEC) group is to catalyze interdisciplinary biomedical research on national medical challenges that is synergistic with the DOE mission and ORNL capabilities. Supporting DOE’s strategic goal for improved US economic competitiveness and quality of life through innovations in science and technology, the group brings together scientists to solve challenging biomedical problems that can benefit from the unique ORNL resources: (i) broad spectrum of core expertise in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, engineering, and computer science; (ii) leading high performance computing infrastructure, specialized equipment, and sophisticated instrumentation; (iii) proven platform for productive multidisciplinary collaborations with academia, industry, medical centers, and federal agencies; and (iv) experienced technology transfer for commercialization and licensing.