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Required Mentor Orientation Module

Dear Mentor:

The following message concerns a mandatory orientation program for those who are hosting students, postgrads, or faculty.

Thank you for agreeing to be a mentor to a student, postgrad, and/or faculty member.   Your commitment to the education of the next generation of scientists and engineers is much appreciated by ORNL and ORAU.   In order to remind you of your roles and responsibilities as mentor, you are required to complete the online Mentor Orientation Module before your participant can begin his or her appointment. If you have received this message more than once, you only have to complete the mentor orientation module one time, not for every intern. To access the module, please go to the following Web site:

  • Completion should take only 15-20 minutes
  • In order to get credit for completing the module, you must complete the entire module through the checkout page and submit it.
  • Completion of the module will be required only once every two years, no matter how many participants you host during that time frame.
  • If others will interact extensively with your participant, it would be a great idea if you provided the Web site to these individuals, so they can complete the orientation, also.  The more everyone knows about their responsibilities to be great mentors, the better!
  • You have the option of printing a certificate of completion at the end of the module.
  • The module contains information about all aspects of mentoring plus printable checklists and links to additional resources.
  • You can access the module anytime you want in order to refresh your memory or find additional information.

This orientation was developed by ORAU in response to a request from ORNL.  The Laboratory recognizes that great mentoring is a key component of its ability to find and keep the best talent.  Students, postgrads, and faculty who have great mentored research experiences spread the word about ORNL as a great place to learn and contribute. The Laboratory wants to ensure that mentors know and understand their roles and responsibilities in providing great experiences to educational program participants.

ORISE is sure you will find the module engaging and informative. Thanks for completing it in a timely fashion.

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