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High School Research Experience (HSRE)

The High School Research Experience is a program for paid and unpaid high school internships. Students must attend Oak Ridge High School, Farragut High School, Hardin Valley Academy, or the L&N STEM Academy, be a participant in specific approved programs, and be recommended by the respective school coordinator. In addition, students who are members of the FIRST Robotics team at their school, regardless of location, may participate with approval of their robotics coach.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • be at least 14 years old
  • be a U.S. citizen or LPR at the time of application; verification of citizenship is required by Education Programs Staff
  • be a student attending Oak Ridge High School, Hardin Valley Academy, Farragut High School, or L&N STEM Academy and an active participant in one of the following approved programs: 
    • Oak Ridge High School
      • Oak Ridge Business Co-Op Program
      • SECME
      • Math Thesis
    • L&N STEM Academy
      • Digital Arts Program
    • Hardin Valley Academy
      • Senior Portfolio
    • Farragut High School
      • Math Academy
      • Science Academy
    • be an active member of their school’s FIRST Robotics Team Mechanism Non-employment


  • 10 week summer program Semester or academic year

Program Provisions

Participants must:

  • be approved by the respective school program coordinator for participation at ORNL
  • identify a hosting mentor, in conjunction with the respective school program coordinator

Participants may receive:

  • academic credit from the sponsoring high school (non-paid, however, administrative fee applies)
  • stipend ($10 per hour of participation)

Application Information

Students must apply through Zintellect, via invitation-only upon approval from respective school coordinator and identification of a hosting mentor.

Students completing an unpaid internship for academic credit may be extended on a paid or unpaid basis by the mentor. Mentors will notify ORISE of the desired extension and the terms and duration of the extension.

Requirements for Completing the Program

Participant must:

  • fulfill the expectations of his/her specific high school program
  • fulfill other assignments if required by the mentor or Education Program Staff