Energy and Environmental Sciences

Featured Post-Doctoral Fellows

We are committed to growing next generation leadership in energy and environmental sciences for the broad scientific community as well as for ORNL. Postdoctoral research associates are critical participants in ORNL's highly skilled, team-oriented environments that helps to establish themselves for future job opportunities.

Listed below are profiles of current postdoctoral research associates in Energy and Environmental Sciences who are more than two years into their current assignment at ORNL. Please feel free to contact them directly if you have additional interest in their skills and availability.

Biosciences Division

Geoffrey A Christensen



Mi Li

Chemical Engineering


Degao Liu

Plant Physiology and Genetics


Energy and Transportation Science Division

Andrew J Binder

Catalysis, Materials Characterization


Martin L Wissink

Mechanical Engineering


Gurneesh S Jatana

Molecular Physics


Environmental Sciences Division

Hongmei Chen