Vehicle Technologies Office honors ORNL researchers

Posted: June 13, 2017

The Energy & Transportation Science Division's Josh Pihl, Stuart Daw and Vitaly Prikhodko were recognized for their technical leadership in managing the Cross Cut Lean Exhaust Emissions Reduction Simulations initiative, a DOE effort focused on developing computational tools and disseminating data that greatly benefit the emissions control research community. 

The Electrical & Electronics Systems Research Division's Tim Burress, Jason Pries, Lixin Tang and Randy Wiles were honored for their development of a novel ferrite motor that achieves 75 percent higher power than comparable commercial motors without the use of rare earth permanent magnets, lowering costs for electric drivetrains. 

Co-authors Zhenhong Lin, Changzheng Liu and contributor James Li (all ETSD) along with collaborators from NREL and Argonne received recognition for a report estimating the bounds and important factors for fuel use and consumer costs of connected and automated vehicles.