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Testing Science and Cascade Engineering

ORNL aerial overview, June 16, 2014

ORNL's Testing Science and Cascade Engineering Section, part of the Enrichment Science and Engineering Division, is responsible for developing and applying gas testing principles. This section leads the conceptualization, development, and deployment of enrichment systems. 

It includes four groups:

  • Testbed Science and Engineering Group: Responsible for gas testing testbed development. This group conceptualizes and designs robust and flexible testbeds for gas testing enrichment devices using state-of-the-art systems engineering principles. 

  • Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls Engineering Group: Responsible for human machine interface research and system logic development. This group develops and implements advanced control system architectures for centrifuge test beds. 

  • Gas Testing Science Group: Responsible for the development and interpretation of testing experiments. This group leads the application of machine and cascade theory to develop, execute, and interpret testing evolutions for discovery, performance evaluation, and optimization of enrichment systems. 

  • R&D Operations Group: Responsible for executing the operations that support testing. This team of expert operators and support staff enable groundbreaking science by making sure testing operations go smoothly.