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Stable Isotope Research, Development, and Production

Mike Zach with Stable Isotope Research, Development, and Production

The experts in the Stable Isotope Production, Research and Development Section lead the development of new processes and dispensing protocols to deliver stable isotopes for medical, industrial and national security applications.

There are three groups in this section:

Stable Isotope Process Development Group: Conceptualizes and assesses new processes for developing isotopes. This group leads the development of new approaches to enriched stable isotope production while supporting the execution of current missions.

Stable Isotope Materials and Chemistry: Focused on customer support. This group develops and implements robust dispensing protocols that are consistent with sponsor and customer needs. Members provide in-depth technical support for using isotopes in new and emerging applications.

Production Operations Group: Executes the operations supporting stable isotope production. This team of expert operators and support staff is available to lead and support stable isotope production operations.