OpenSHMEM 1.3 Specification

OpenSHMEM specification version 1.3 was released. The specification development was ORNL led effort with the input from the participants from industry, academia, and research laboratories.

Posted: May 12, 2016

Significance and Impact: OpenSHMEM is a Partioned Global Address Space (PGAS) library interface specification. The goal of the specification development is to standardize the existing PGAS functionality and add functionality to the programming model to cater to the needs of OpenSHMEM users for current and emerging architectures. The OpenSHMEM specification version 1.3 is a continued evolution of the OpenSHMEM programming model towards this goal. This specification introduced various new functionalities.

Research Details:

Some of the highlights of functionality introduced in the specification:

  • Introduced non-blocking Remote Memory Access (RMA) operations.
  • Introduced atomic elemental read and write operations
  • Introduced new collective operations - SHMEM_ALLTOALL and SHMEM_ALLTOALLS
  • Important errata included clarifying semantics of Fence, Processing Element, and Symmetric Memory Allocation.

Please refer to the specification document for more details.

Sponsor/Facility: Work was performed with support from ORNL, ESSC, and DoD

ORNL Team: Manjunath Gorentla Venkata, Pavel Shamis, Graham Lopez, Tiffany Mintz, Mathew Baker, Aaron Welch

Other Participants: The ORNL team led the specification development with input from the community. Members from over 12 institutions participated in the development of the specification, which included participants from the industry, academia, and laboratories.

Contact Information

Manjunath Gorentla Venkata


Phone: 865.574.5949