Generating the Local Oscillator “Locally” in Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution Based on Coherent Detection

by Bing Qi, Warren Grice, Raphael Pooser, Pavel Lougovski, Miljko Bobrek


Continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) protocols based on coherent detection have been studied extensively in both theory and experiment. In all the existing implementations of CV-QKD, both the quantum signal and the local oscillator (LO) are generated from the same laser and propagate through the insecure quantum channel. This arrangement may open security loopholes and limit the potential applications of CV-QKD. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a pilot-aided feedforward data recovery scheme that enables reliable coherent detection using a “locally” generated LO. Using two independent commercial laser sources and a spool of 25-km optical fiber, we construct a coherent communication system.

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Physical Review 2015