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Internet Explorer Browser preferred for ORNL applicants. Chrome is not currently supported. For more information about browser compatibility please refer to the FAQs.

If you have difficulty using the online application system or need an accommodation to apply due to a disability, please email: or phone 1-866-963-9545

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What are the software requirements for using the ORNL jobs site?

Your Browser should be configured to enable JavaScript.

Your Browser should be configured to allow Pop-Ups from *

You will need a PDF reader. We recommend Adobe Reader (

You will need a Flash player to view the pictures on the home page. We recommend Adobe Flash Player (

Recommended browsers for Explorer 9 (preferred):

Some other combinations may also work, but you should have the latest version of the software installed on whatever platform you are using.

Presently, Google Chrome is not supported but may work on certain platforms. Users of Firefox,Versions 34.0 and higher, may experience problems accessing our careers page.  Please use Internet Explorer or Safari. 

If you do not know how to turn off your Pop-Up blocker, go to and enter ‘pop up blockers turn off’ in the search box.

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How do I apply for a position at the ORNL?

Identify a position for which you want to apply, and submit your resume electronically through our online system.We only accept resumes/CV's that are submitted through our jobs page for a specific position. It is recommended that ORNL/UT Battelle employees apply to job postings using their UCAMS id and password.

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May I refer a colleague?

Yes, identify the position that you want to refer to your colleague. Select Tell a Friend. You must enter the last name of the person as well as his or her email address. You also must enter your own last name as an identifier for the referral. Your contact will receive an email from our job website with a link to the employment opportunity.

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What are the citizenship requirements for employment at ORNL?

All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States. ORNL has a Foreign National and Immigration Services group that is available to help foreign national employees obtain and maintain employable visa status.

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Does ORNL help employees obtain United States visas?

ORNL’s Foreign National and Immigration Services group is available to answer questions about obtaining a visa to work in the US. They also are available to assist employees with the process of obtaining a visa.

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Must I have a security clearance to work at ORNL?

We will note whether or not a security clearance is essential for the position in the job requirements. Some job opportunities may require that candidates hold a current security clearance; candidates who do not hold such clearance will not be qualified for those positions. If a clearance is required for the position but is not necessary upon date of hire, we will begin the process of obtaining a security clearance for you after you accept the position.

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How do I know if I have been declined?

You will receive an e-mail notifying you of our decision to pursue other candidates. Generally, these notifications occur at the end of our selection process. If declined, you may check our jobs website for new positions.

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How do I know if I am being considered for a position?

Our hiring team reviews all resumes/CV's for those candidates who most closely align with the needs of the position. If your qualifications match the specific needs for the position, a recruiter or hiring manager will contact you to discuss your qualifications further.

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What is your selection process?

Our selection process varies per position but generally follows the following steps:

story completion of a medical exam and a background check. For some select positions, a clearance is required. Offer is also contingent on completion of eligibility to work requirements.

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Am I required to have a background investigation?

Candidates selected for employment will be required to complete a background investigation successfully. Candidates must submit to a background investigation. The results of the background investigation must meet the standards for the position in order for the candidate to be considered for employment.

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What are typical contingencies after the position is offered?

Once candidates have accepted a position, they are required to sign the Intellectual Property and Conflict of Interest agreements. A successful drug screen, background investigation, and a medical exam to determine medical suitability for employment will also be completed.

Candidates also must meet the position requirements for a drug screen, background investigation, and medical examination.

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How often do you post positions?

Positions are posted based on business necessity. Please check our jobs website frequently for new positions.

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How long are positions available on the website?

There is no minimum amount of time a position must be posted. Generally, they are posted for at least two weeks.

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How will I know that my profile/CV was received?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us after you submit your profile and resume. If your qualifications match the specific needs for the position, a recruiter or hiring manager will contact you to discuss your qualifications further.

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Do you provide relocation assistance?

We provide relocation assistance for designated positions. The job posting for a position indicates whether or not relocation assistance is available.

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Does ORNL encourage or offer assistance in continuing my education?

Continued learning is a very important aspect of the activities at ORNL. Tuition reimbursement is offered, but not guaranteed. It is important to understand the requirements for this program before enrolling in any ongoing education programs.

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What is a job agent?

You can create and manage your own job agent. Your job agent will notify you if ORNL posts job openings which may interest you. You must initiate a key word or category search in order to use this feature. After entering your search criteria, you may select Save as Job Agent. Our system will send an automatic email to you regarding a job posting which contains the criteria identified by your job agent. You can select daily, weekly, or monthly notification.

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What is an RSS feed or podcast? How do I subscribe to ORNL’s RSS feeds or podcasts?

"RSS" is short for "Really Simple Syndication," "RDF Site Summary," or "Rich Site Summary"-- depending on who you want to believe. RSS feeds often include headlines, news, events, blog entries, recent excerpts from discussion forums--usually information that is updated fairly frequently.

An RSS feed is just a simple way to summarize and share web-based information. Individuals often use RSS "feed readers" to keep up with breaking news or recent developments for topics in which they are interested. A podcast is an audio and/or video file that can be downloaded to a portable digital audio player. The subject matter of podcasts is often news, events, and commentary on current events.

ORNL’s RSS feeds are listed here.

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