Buildings publishes web-based tool for mobile phones

Posted: November 6, 2018

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Building Equipment Research Group team has published a free web-based fluid properties tool for mobile phones. Named fProp, the program provides a fluid properties computation tool, easily accessible using iPhones or other mobile devices with an internet connection. The tool includes properties of psychrometric (air), coolant (water and glycols), refrigerants, and capacity calculation functions. It aims to support field technicians and engineers to have a quick check of refrigerant, coolant and air properties. for example, when installing a HVAC equipment. The main driver is to accelerate transition from conventional refrigerants having high global warming potential (GWP) to new low GWP refrigerants, to support professionals using these new refrigerants in the field.


This web-based tool can be used to convert measured pressure, temperature to calculated sub-cooling and superheat degrees and confirm system balance points. Four categories of property calculation modules include: 

  • “Refrigerant properties” includes calculation modules to convert values from measured pressure to saturation temperature, from measured pressure and temperature to sub-cooling and superheat degrees.
  • “Psychrometric properties” facilitates calculations of air properties.
  • “Coolant properties” contains property values for water and six glycols at a given temperature.
  • “Capacity calculation” help estimate delivered capacity based on pressure, temperature and flow rate measurements at air, coolant or refrigerant side.


Download the tool: 

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November 6, 2018