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ORNL’s Titan supercomputer which ranked as one of the world’s top 10 fastest supercomputers from its debut as No. 1 in 2012 until June 2019.

Neutrons infographic

Discovered in 1932, neutrons are one of two partical types found within the nucleus of an atom (the other being protons). Neutrons and protons each consist of three quarks held together by the strong nuclear force.

Leah Broussard

Leah Broussard has always embraced challenges.

Lucas Lindsay

In his research studying atomic vibrations called phonons and their role in heat flow, Lucas Lindsay searches for materials that are quirky—a word he also uses to describe himself.  

Catherine Schuman

Even as a child, Catherine Schuman liked the challenges fundamental to computer science.

Kate Page

PECASE winner Kate Page knows the world of neutron research from the inside out, having worked both as a scientist supporting users at neutron facilities at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos national laboratories and as an accomplished experimentalist in her own right.

Miaofang Chi

Ever since she first encountered microscopes in elementary school, Miaofang Chi has been enchanted by the idea of unlocking worlds invisible to the naked eye.