Supercomputing and Computation


Innovative Signal Processing Algorithms

Advanced spread spectrum techniques removes the signal recording, inherently secure key management and provide secure, scable communicaitons network for the smart grid.

Related Projects

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Cyber Security Econometrics Systems (CSES)
— To make effective cybersecurity decisions, stakeholders need to assess security countermeasures, architecture, and operations. ORNL researchers invented an improved security metric to support analysis of how well a system meets its security objectives. The technology provides courses of action that have the highest risk reduction return on investment, reducing the most risk for the lowest cost.

Real-Time Data-Driven Simulation Systems (RealSim)
— Scale, speed & fidelity are three important aspects in simulation-based predictive/planning needs of DHS & related agencies. Few existing systems address the desired combination of these aspects in critical applications. The RealSim code is being developed to provide these capabilities.


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