Supercomputing and Computation


Communication Networks and Technologies Modeling and Simulation

Communication security is an important aspect for stable operation of the electric grid. The goal is to develop next generation secure grid communications at physical and multiple-access layer using novel spread spectrum techniques.

Related Projects

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Energy Wall - Steam Distribution and Energy Delivery Optimization Wireless Sensors
— The objective of the project is to design, develop and deploy robust methods to efficiently deliver steam on ORNL campus. Wireless sensors are used for demonstrating ease of deployment, low-cost, and rapid fault identification. Steam losses amount to $540/trap/year, typical facility like ORNL has 1-2K traps on steam distribution.

Fully-virtualized Computational Energy Infrastructure Model for Improving Cyber Resilience
— Multiple interdependent energy foundations, comprising energy generation, transmission, and end-use, serve as critical infrastructure facility for ORNL. These energy infrastructures are driven by multi-level control systems that observe the state of the system and respond to attain a local stable operating point. The goal is to develop a simulation framework to comprehensively analyze the resiliency of the ORNL campus that can be scaled to include regional and national level infrastructure modeling.

Advanced Security Acceleration Project for Smart Grid (ASAP-SG)
— The goal of this project is to develop a set of computer and network security requirements for the smart grid deployment. The key problem addressed in this project is to provide actionable security guidance to utilities for secure deployment of smart grid systems


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