Supercomputing and Computation


Energy Assurance

Involves geographic data driven modeling, simulation, and visualization for analyzing energy resources and infrastructures in facilitating national efforts to modernize the electric grid; enhance security and reliability of the energy infrastructure; and facilitate recovery from disruptions to energy supply.

Related Projects

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Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework
— Success of the national bioenergy infrastructure relies on efficient operations of its components and the effective harmonization with enabling critical infrastructures including energy, transportation, water, agriculture, and commerce. These complex interdependencies of infrastructures across multiple space and time scales can not be addressed by a single model or tool.

An Ontology for the Simulation, Algorithms, and Modeling (SAM) Office of NA-22
— The Office of Nonproliferation and Verification R&D (NA-22) needs an ontology to support various activities including bibliographic annotation, modeling, and testing of detection algorithms

Real-Time Simulation of Power Grid Disruptions
— How to rapidly identify disruptions far from the network of sensors in time to take mitigating action.


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