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As simulations scale to extreme processor counts, the complexity and the size of scientific data being generated is ever-growing. Modern supercomputers and experimental facilities are producing an unprecedented amount of data to visualize and analyze in order to understand the mysteries of the universe. Rather than disperse pen-and-paper researchers, the problem solving approach of leadership science involves teams of collaborating scientists. Scientific social networks, gateways and dashboards are an important manifestation of this phenomenon. The eSiMon dashboard is one project that also researches and tackles the challenges of collaboration in high performance computing. Our research is based on the hypothesis that the best way to introduce collaboration in these traditionally resistant domains is to use light-weight and easy-to-use tools that are well integrated with scientists’ existing environments. The goal is to collect and combine resources and expertise in one converging system so that individual researchers do not have to put extra efforts in becoming experts in related disciplines or new technologies. The hidden and powerful advantage of such integrated portal is the capability to persistently record the process leading to scientific breakthrough. The paths to discoveries as well as the results themselves are fundamental to understanding and promoting scientific advances. The eSiMon research goal is to enable more science by exploring the best collaboration methods and technologies.

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— eSiMon (electronic Simulation and Monitoring) is a one-point-access to the simulation. It is a one-stop-shop for collaborating scientists to monitor and access results. It is a light-weight in order to allow easy access by team members from any browser and platform.


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