Supercomputing and Computation


Real-Time Data-Driven Simulation Systems (RealSim)

Problem Statement:

  • Scale, speed & fidelity are three important aspects in simulation-based predictive/planning needs of DHS & related agencies.  Few existing systems address the desired combination of these aspects in critical applications.  The RealSim code is being developed to provide these capabilities.

Technical Approach:

  • Scale & speed are enabled by novel parallel discrete event simulation technologies.  System keeps up with user needs, scaling from PDAs & GPUs to Supercomputers seamlessly.  For fidelity, RealSim scales to the finest granularity on a range of applications.


  • RealSim helps capture unexpected behavior emergence in populations across a range of policies & constraints. It is designed to simulate the value of real-time information for optimal investment decisions, to formulate informed policies, & to determine the best tradeoff between investment & returned value.

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