Supercomputing and Computation


Quantum Plasmonics

Problem Statement:

  • As photonics technology scales below the diffraction limit, plasmonics will begin to play an increasingly important role in quantum information applications, from sensors to signaling between quantum computing cores. How do we begin to develop quantum information in the plasmonic domain?

Technical Approach:

  • Recent work has demonstrated the high fidelity transduction of quantum information from the photonic to the plasmonic domain, and vice versa. We propose to develop a new class of quantum plasmonic devices that exploit quantum correlations between entangled photons and plasmons. Our research will focus on the generation, manipulation, storage and detection of such entangled plasmon states.


  • Sub-diffraction limit scalability – beyond photonics
  • Enhanced sensitivity, resolution for sensing platforms
  • High-bandwidth
  • High-fidelity, wavelength tunable, solid state quantum memories



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