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Practical Quantum Security for Grid Automation

Problem Statement:

Conventional approaches to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) are hampered by several problems:

  • QKD is limited to distances of ~100 km or less
  • Data rates are typically low
  • QKD systems are designed for only two users
  • Commercial QKD systems are expensive

Technical Approach:

QKD is well-suited to the geography and data rates of infrastructure protection. ORNL is teaming with GE and ID Quantique to address the remaining problems of cost and limited accessibility with a proprietary technology known as AQCESS: Accessible QKD for Cost-Effective Secret Sharing. AQCESS provides a method for adding low-cost nodes to an existing quantum channel, thus enabling QKD with either end point or between AQCESS nodes.


  • Lower cost per user for QKD
  • Flexible key distribution schemes



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