Supercomputing and Computation


NetWarp: Scalable, High-fidelity Cyber Testbed

Problem Statement:

  • For cyber testbeds, all emulators are constrained in scale by real-time, and all simulators are limited in fidelity.  Full cyber tests such as for exercising malware require both scale and fidelity at high speed.  However, no system exists that provides these unique combination of capabilities.

Technical Approach:

  • Fidelity is achieved via virtual machines (VMs) with novel virtual time control, and scale is achieved via integration of time-controlled VMs with packet-level network simulation.  Entire high-fidelity testbed is lifted to a virtual time plane and virtual hardware plane.


  • Actual unmodified, executable software can be executed as-is in fully controlled experiments.  Unlimited instrumentation is enabled with no perturbation effects.  Accuracy is greatly increased from correct mapping of multiple simulated hardware to a common timeline.  Cost for realization of a large testbed is greatly reduced due to the system’s ability to be designed for average load instead of peak load by mapping many simulated hardware units to a smaller number of physical resources.

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