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Modeling and Simulation Framework for Transportation

Modeling and Simulation Framework for Transportation

Problem Statement:

  • To reduce US oil dependence, environmental impacts, and congestion, a number of alternative energy supply, distribution, and end-use transportation systems, technologies and policies are presently being explored.  However, a scalable KD framework for US transportation system that addresses the interplay between energy, environment, and quality of life does not exist.

Technical Approach:

  • Develop and demonstrate a data driven high resolution transportation modeling and simulation framework through geospatial-temporal integration, analysis, and visualization that allows evaluation of known as well as unanticipated impacts of various transformational mobility, energy, and environment optimization strategies at local to regional geographic scales. 


  • This framework will enable transportation engineers, social scientists, and software engineers to cooperatively produce better transportation modeling and simulation tools to allow discovery of emerging behaviors and unforeseen consequences in physical and social systems as well as enhance decision support for planning and policy missions.

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