Supercomputing and Computation


Interactive Analysis of Social Media Streams

Problem Statement:

  • Situational awareness of social media streams is a big data challenge due to the large and rapidly changing content that is mostly unstructured text.

Technical Approach:

  • Consume, store, and provide online connections to the social media streams.
  • Efficiently identify topics, sentiment, and emerging / obscured / abnormal trends.
  • Design a visual analytics framework for situational awareness and exploratory analysis of unstructured text streams.
  • Develop and implement statistical metrics to characterize textual content from social media.
  • Intuitively capture human input to build adaptive search profiles and adapt the user interface.

Advantage over the State-of-the-Art:

  • Leverage spatio-temporal metadata for improved monitoring of global events.
  • Combines the strengths of humans with those of machines for more effective analysis.
  • Interactivity connects the user to the data behind the visualization.
  • Efficient analytics that can handle the extreme velocity and scale of social media streams.




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