Supercomputing and Computation


IntelEx: Data Services for Knowledge Discovery and Intelligence Extraction (IntelEx)


  • IntelEx is an enterprise software framework that provides secure, federated access to an extensible collection of both modern and legacy data repositories, and delivers an equally-extensible and interoperable set of tools to operate on that data.

Technical Approach:

  • Build interoperable software components to enable users to
    • Select data sources of interest,
    • Retrieve and comingle data items from those sources,
    • Programmatically operate on comingled data collections,
    • Format the data in a meaningful way for analysis and inclusion in intelligence products.
  • Support data federation and software interoperability including data deduplication, data comparison (difference and similarity detection), data attribution and data scoring.


  • Provide the intelligence community and other federal and commercial entities interested in data security, data analytics and data search on large quantities of heterogeneous data with an easy-to-use  framework adaptable to their unique situations and fully extensible to meet their requirements.

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