Supercomputing and Computation


GARFIELD: Graphical Agents Reacting in a Field

Problem Statement:

  • Large scale vehicular mobility simulations are characterized by long-range queuing and behavioral effects.  Control mechanisms and other dynamic phenomena are highly computationally intensive. GARFIELD is a prototype simulation system that incorporates high detail at large scale, executing real-time simulations of US road networks at the scale of a few states (10^6 intersections, 10^8 vehicles).

Technical Approach:

  • Novel field-based formulation is used to exploit  GPU computing power. A canonical regular vector field grid scheme is defined, to which any arbitrary road network can be mapped. Road network control is modeled as a spatially distributed field in which vehicles are immersed. Their movements at each node are influenced by the field.


  • GARFIELD executes simulations in real-time (or faster) on state-sized networks, and enables better insightful analyses and emergency planning through large-scale simulations within short decision time constraints.



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