Supercomputing and Computation


Facility Analysis and Chemical Tiering System (FACTS)

Problem Statement:

  • Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) collects directly from chemical facilities, refineries, and LNG facilities information that must be analyzed to support chemical security regulation

Technical Approach:

  • Interactive analysis tool for evaluating risk factors
    • Facilitates knowledge discovery across the data warehouse
    • Analysts need no data structure knowledge for approximately 70 underlying tables
    • Adheres to business policies
    • Enforces referential integrity
    • Allows analysts to identify and visualize individual components contributing to aggregate facility risk
    • Allows analysts to view effects of risk model parameter modifications
    • Supports production of routine and ad-hoc reports in a variety of formats
    • Custom dashboards support a user community ranging from policymakers to subject matter experts


  • Allows for effective and efficient implementation of mandatory security requirements governing the nation’s chemical sector

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