Supercomputing and Computation




eSiMon (electronic Simulation and Monitoring) is a one-point-access to the simulation. It is a one-stop-shop for collaborating scientists to monitor and access results. It is a light-weight in order to allow easy access by team members from any browser and platform. At the top level collaborators from different but related disciplines view the same general presentation of the status of the simulation. eSiMon is the first medium between scientists and their data. Therefore, we aim at presenting the user directly with lists of scientific variables names, 1D and 2D graphics instead of burdening them with the intricacies of directories, file names and formats etc. We hide the complexity in the back end by using data lineage and provenance tracking techniques. From this at-a-glance view, users can drill deeper into aspects of the results that pertain to their specific fields. eSiMon allows users to identify problems or areas of special interest in the vast datasets produced by the simulation. Collaborators can share access to running and past simulation results. Examples of actions performed on eSiMon are visualizing images and movies of variables evolving over time, annotating runs and particular results, downloading subsets of the data and performing preliminary light-weight analysis on the data. By enabling transparent sharing of metadata, resources, data and analysis routines, we expect to minimize the time spent on mundane tasks and repetitive preliminary steps in the scientists' routine. We anticipate that after using eSiMon users have a clearer picture of where they wish to do more-in-depth analysis. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly lead them to the most exciting and challenging part of their work. The vision for the next generation eSiMon is to enable job submission, validation and verification, independently of where the data, the scripts and resources are physically located.


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