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Energy Wall - Steam Distribution and Energy Delivery Optimization Wireless Sensors

Problem Statement:     

  • The objective of the project is to design, develop and deploy robust methods to efficiently deliver steam on ORNL campus. Wireless sensors are used for demonstrating ease of deployment, low-cost, and rapid fault identification.  Steam losses amount to $540/trap/year, typical facility like ORNL has 1-2K traps on steam distribution.

Technical Approach:

  • The project developed:
    • An algorithm for steam-trap and flow-rate assessment using pipe-induced vibration.
    • A portable measurement setup to identify steam trap and flow conditions without in-situ installation.
    • Hardware and software architecture for installing steam trap monitors across ORNL campus.


  • Improvements in steam trap and flow diagnostics can generate energy efficiency savings up to $675K for a campus like ORNL

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