Supercomputing and Computation


Flow and Heat Transfer Simulations for ITER’s ECH

Problem Statement:

  • The ITER Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH) system will produce a high-intensity beam of electromagnetic radiation for plasma heating.  A total of 20 MW of power will be transferred from 170 GHz gyrotrons through multiple transmission lines.  The transmission lines consist of evacuated, aluminum, circularly corrugated waveguides that will each transmit a maximum of 2 MW for up to 3000 seconds.  The waveguides, with straight lengths up to 28 meters, as well as mirror, polarizer, power monitor, and arc detector components, will be actively water cooled in order to be able to support the heat load from the long-pulse high-power radiation.

Technical Approach:

  • Computational fluid dynamics (for fluid and thermal modeling) is coupled with finite element analysis (for thermal and structural modeling) in order to validate the mirror and waveguide components designs.


  • The simulations provided several improvements in the cooling system design for the miter bend.

PI: Arnold Lumsdaine


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