Supercomputing and Computation


Compressive Quantum Imaging

Problem Statement:

  • Current quantum imaging implementations require long integration times to acquire images, or require extensive post processing to correlate spatial modes. These disadvantages reduce the effectiveness of quantum imaging for surveillance, or low light scenarios that need real time imaging capability.

Technical Approach:

  • We combine a bright, multi-spatial mode quantum light source with compressive imaging techniques. Compressive imaging allows for faster image capture compared to traditional means. Using digital mirror arrays, we are able to probe individual spatial modes within an image and measure correlations among them to reduce noise. The result is enhanced contrast and resolution in low light images and a large increase in information capacity in the image channel.


  • This method will allow for real time quantum imaging and enhanced spatial mode interrogation.
  • Pattern recognition makes it possible to test for specific objects in specific parts of an image with higher precision.
  • Imaging in low light level scenarios will benefit from increased contrast and precision.



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