Supercomputing and Computation


Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework

Problem Statement:

  • Success of the national bioenergy infrastructure relies on efficient operations of its components and the effective harmonization with enabling critical infrastructures including energy, transportation, water, agriculture, and commerce. These complex interdependencies of infrastructures across multiple space and time scales can not be addressed by a single model or tool.

Technical Approach:

  • ORNL is designing and developing a standards-based dynamic and scalable architecture that integrates bioenergy infrastructure related data, models, and tools.  A robust geospatial technology framework provides efficient data collection, integration, management, analysis through Geographic Information Systems; visualization through Geographic Information and Exploration Systems; and dissemination through Geographic Information Services.


  • An integrated decision support environment where data, modeling and visualization tools can be shared by multiple stakeholders to understand, design, and develop efficient local and regional practices for the bioenergy infrastructure that can be guided by strategic policy decisions to ensure national bioenergy assurance.

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