Supercomputing and Computation


Behavioral Modeling for National Security Applications

Problem Statement:

  • A new capability is required to assist the government analyst with mission planning to accomplish Human, Social, Behavioral, and Cultural (HSBC) objectives to maintain regional stability.  Courses of actions must be actionable by the decision-maker.  New simulation approaches are required to link geography and demographics, social theory, scenario development, operations research and ultra-scale simulations to provide new options.  

Technical Approach:

  • Proof of concept demonstrating the feasibility of regional security modeling using the results of new Human Terrain data collection.  Simulation systems of more than 108 agents operating within modern social theory forecast results of diplomatic, military, economic and infrastructure courses of action.


  • Simulation results guide evaluation of new actionable options.  Used by the government analyst, options are developed with less surprise and greater examination of alternative actions.

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