Supercomputing and Computation


Architecture for Advancing Scientific Collaboration and Promoting Citizen Science

Problem Statement:

  • Recent evolutions and advancements in geospatial and cyber technologies are allowing individuals to generate and share large volumes of spatial data  as Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).  The lack of reference frameworks for contributions of VGI is reducing its potential value in scientific research.

Technical Approach:

  • Evaluate current and historic spatial data collection efforts to better  define, and propose methods for overcoming, some of the barriers between successful VGI efforts and successfully utilizing those data in scientific research.   This research will culminate in the creation of a collaborative architecture for collecting VGI which will provide a well documented path for researchers to use in planning and implementing VGI data collection for use in science.


  • With acceptable quality assurance, VGI can produce socioeconomic and observation data with reduced latency to help initiate and validate physically based models for spatiotemporal processes.  It can greatly enhance the responsiveness of time critical operational missions and foster sharing of data and information across application domains.

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