Supercomputing and Computation

Jeff Haack: Applications of computational kinetic theory

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Email: Billy Fields

Kinetic theory describes the evolution of a complex system of a large number of interacting particles. These models are used to describe systems where the characteristic scales for interaction between particles and characteristic length scales are similar. In this talk, I will discuss numerical computation of several applications of kinetic theory, including rarefied gas dynamics with applications towards re-entry, kinetic models for plasmas, and a biological model for swarm behavior. As kinetic models often involve a high dimensional phase space as well as an integral operator modeling particle interactions, simulations have been impractical in many settings. However, recent advances in massively parallel computing are very well suited to solving kinetic models, and I will discuss how these resources are used in computing kinetic models and new difficulties that arise when computing on these architectures.


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