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Burnup credit cask

Generic PWR Burnup Credit Cask Model

ORNL has a long history of providing technical support to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in licensing activities in the following areas.

  • Reactor and Fuel Cycle Analysis
  • Materials and Structures
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Licensing and Infrastructure Support
  • New reactors
  • Advanced reactors
  • Environmental reviews
  • Storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel
    • Burnup credit
    • Spent fuel pool source terms
  • Operational Assessments
  • Reactor stability
  • Civil/Structural engineering inspections
  • Operating experience reviews

ORNL has actively maintained and developed nuclear and fuel cycle analysis capabilities to support NRC, primarily through the SCALE software analysis system that is sponsored by the NRC and used by licensees and regulators around the world. These capabilities include:

  • Criticality safety
  • Radiation source terms and shielding
  • Reactor and lattice physics
  • Spent fuel characterization (e.g., decay heat, isotopic inventory, etc.)
  • Reactor systems
  • Fuel performance
  • Thermal hydraulics
  • Nuclear data
Radio flux profile

Radial Flux Profile in HTGR Primatic Fuel Block

ORNL regularly provides the following types of support to NRC:

  • Technical understanding and solutions to difficult regulatory issues
    • Applications support for regulatory issue
    • Technical assistance for licensing reviews
  • State-of-art nuclear safety software for independent confirmatory analyses
  • NRC staff training

For more information, contact:

Group Leader, Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety
Gary Mays

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