Nuclear Science


Used Nuclear Fuel Storage, Transportation and Disposal

Inspection of a rail cask used to transport commercial used nuclear fuel from West Valley to Idaho National Laboratory.

ORNL is nationally and internationally recognized for providing science-based engineering solutions, nuclear safety analyses and tools, and technical leadership and support for the continued safe management and disposition of used nuclear fuel (UNF). Nuclear Science research at ORNL supports the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in understanding and resolving important technical and regulatory issues associated with the storage, transportation, and ultimate disposition of UNF. ORNL's expertise includes UNF characterization, criticality safety, radiation shielding, thermal analyses, material science, UNF systems and facility analyses, and regulatory issues, as well as computational resources and experimental facilities and capabilities. This expertise is applied to address issues ranging from the safety of extended storage and subsequent transportation of commercial UNF to the feasibility of direct geologic disposal of existing dual-purpose storage and transportation canisters. Examples of recent and ongoing projects and accomplishments include:

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Lead, Used Fuel Research, Development, and Demonstration
John Wagner

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