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50 Years of Serving and Supporting the Nuclear Research and Development Community

The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) originated as the Radiation Shielding Information Center (RSIC) in November 1962 at the behest of Dr. Alvin Weinberg. In 1961, Weinberg began serving on President Kennedy’s Panel of Science Information, which produced the seminal report entitled “Science, Government and Information: The Responsibilities of the Technical Community and the Government in the Transfer of Information” in January of 1963.

In 1996, RSIC became RSICC to reflect the breadth of scientific and technical fields supported by the center. Over time, the activities of RSICC expanded beyond shielding to include more applications in nuclear safety and transport analyses. The fundamental service—to collect, archive, evaluate, synthesize and distribute information, data and codes—has remained and will continue to be a priority for RSICC. RSICC currently supports over 21,000 customers of which nearly 8,500 are from domestic and foreign universities. RSICC is the custodian of nearly 2,200 codes, data, and auxiliary tools that have been gathered from national and international laboratories, universities, and private industry to be made broadly available to the research community. RSICC has provided an important service to the nuclear research community for the past 50 years and looks forward to continuing this service for many years to come.

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Director, Radiation Safety Information Computational Center
Timothy Valentine

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