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Neutrons in Soft Matter Science: Complex Materials on Mesoscopic Scales

More information about the course can be found in the NSMS Workshop flyer.

The new cyber-enabled collaborative graduate course "Neutrons in Soft Matter Science: Complex Materials on Mesoscopic Scales" launches in fall semester of 2013. It addresses a wide range of topics in neutron scattering for soft matter physics and materials science. Also covered in part are complementary light and X-Ray scattering approaches to the study of soft matter. With contributed lectures from sixteen universities/institutions, the course will provide a unique and seminal introduction to this field. Access to the course lectures can be made through live interactive sessions using the Adobe Connect platform or via session recordings that are streamed subsequently from this site.

Course Outline and Syllabus

Course Outline


All lecture sessions are recorded and made freely available via streaming from the NSMS course resources page, which also contains various other materials associated with the course. To access these materials, you will need an ORNL Resource Account. If you have partnered with us before you may already have an account and may use this to register. If you do not have an account you may create one by clicking HERE and following the easy step-by-step directions. Once you have an ORNL Resource Account you may click the Register button below and follow the instructions.

Note that registration is free of charge, but registered learners will not receive credits from the course unless they have separately enrolled officially within the graduate programs at the participating universities.

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