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New VULCAN tests of Japanese cable for US ITER's central magnet system
— Neutron testing of the Japanese-made superconducting cable for the central solenoid (CS) magnetic system for US ITER begins next Tuesday, says Ke An, lead instrument scientist for the VULCAN Engineering Materials Diffractometer at the Spallation Neutron Source.

ARCS maps collaborative magnetic spin behavior in iron telluride
— Researchers have long thought that magnetism and superconductivity are mutually exclusive. The former typically involves localized atomic electrons. The latter requires freely propagating, itinerant electrons.

Materials Engineering Research at SNS Helps International Collaboration on Fusion Energy
— Scientists and engineers at ORNL are working with the ITER Organization and the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency to resolve issues with a critical component of ITER’s experimental fusion reactor. ITER is the international research facility in southeastern France whose mission is to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion as a practical long-term energy source.

SNS shows novel spin waves in iron chalcogenide Fe1.05Te
— Measurements conducted at the Spallation Neutron Source at ORNL have determined exchange couplings in the mag- netically ordered chalcogenide Fe1.05Te, a nonsuperconducting member of the iron-based family of superconductors.

Neutron scattering continues as a vital tool in superconductivity studies
— In 2008, the totally unexpected discovery of a New class of superconductors, the iron pnictides, set off A Feverish international effort to understand them.


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