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Toxicology Lab

The Environmental Toxicology Laboratory (ETL) provides Department of Energy (DOE) Facilities with on-site capabilities for toxicity testing of environmental media and toxicant identification evaluations (TIEs). Bioassay techniques developed and validated at the ETL, including soil toxicity tests as well as aquatic tests, have been successfully applied in environmental compliance monitoring and assessment activities and in experimental applications for DOE, DoD and other federal agencies.

Research staff scientists with pertinent expertise in ecotoxicology, genomics, ecology, risk assessment, physiology, physical chemistry, biochemistry, and hydrology are available for consultation and collaboration. The ETL is fully equipped to conduct compliance-based and experimental toxicity tests with freshwater and marine aquatic organisms and terrestrial organisms. In-house water quality analysis capabilities include measurements of conductance, hardness, alkalinity, pH, and total and residual chlorine. Other capabilities include development of novel test methods, effluent testing of wastewater, ambient water-quality testing and toxicity identification/reduction evaluation (TI/REs).


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