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Dimensions magazine features Creative Discovery Museum, BESC collaboration Farming for Fuels program
— The Farming for Fuels program developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL's) BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) and the Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was featured in Dimensions magazine.

More than just food for koalas: Genetic analysis of eucalyptus yields insight into tree’s potential for fuel, fiber
— From antiseptic oils to the construction of didgeridoos, the traditional Australian Aboriginal wind instrument, the eucalyptus tree serves myriad purposes, accounting for its status as one of the world’s most widely planted hardwood trees.

UGA, ORNL research team engineers microbes for the direct conversion of biomass to fuel
— New research from the University of Georgia (UGA) and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) has overcome a major hurdle to cost-effective biofuel production by enabling the direct conversion of switchgrass to fuel.

High-performance computing accelerates advanced engine development
— Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL’s) Dean Edwards and a crosscutting team leveraging expertise in computational science and engine and emissions-control technologies are working with Ford Motor Company to develop and demonstrate a method for identifying the impact of engine parameters that promote combustion instability in spark-ignition engines.

ORNL research informs new EPA emissions standards
— Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has developed a streamlined method for determining vehicle emissions that will impact every new certification when upcoming US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 standards take effect in 2017, aiming to improve air quality and public health.

World Interior Design Network - Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory secures LEED Gold
— The recently completed $14.3m Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory (MAXLAB), designed by Cannon Design of St. Louis, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, has received LEED Gold certification.

Green Building News - MAXLAB Built Green for Energy Research
— Construction on the $14.3 million Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory (MAXLAB) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) was completed last August, with installation of research equipment ongoing throughout the year and plans for a dedication ceremony later this summer. Because of its high-tech design, it recently achieved LEED Gold certification.

Knox News Sentinel - The List: ORNL dominates in number of LEED projects
— Department of Energy-related projects in Oak Ridge dominate the rankings (of Knoxville-area LEED-certified commercial projects). Fourteen of the 33 projects surveyed are tied to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Several years ago, the lab committed to the "Sustainable Campus Initiative," meaning all new construction as well as renovations must meet energy-efficiency standards.

ENERGY.GOV - Hot New Advances in Water Heating Technology
— Here at the Energy Department, we are working with our National Laboratories, private companies and universities to develop the next generation of water heating technologies that are energy efficient and affordable for consumers.

InsideHPC - Autotune: Supercomputer-assisted Calibration for Better Energy Models
— One way to improve the energy efficiency of buildings is through energy models that simulate various aspects such as power, cooling, and heat loss through windows. Until now, however, building accurate models for diverse building designs has been very difficult.


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