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Center for Sustainable Industry and Manufacturing

The Center for Sustainable Industry and Manufacturing (CSIM) reduces industrial energy use and improves industrial competitiveness through world-class leadership in materials, processing, devices, and implementation strategies. The center offers a wide spectrum of expertise in design control and systems integration with core research focused on advanced materials, battery manufacturing, robotics and automation, nanomanufacturing, separations technologies, and combined heat and power.

The center comprises several laboratories with highly-specialized capabilities, ranging from micro- and nano-fabrication to computational sciences and high temperature materials. CSIM researchers provide a combination of advanced manufacturing capabilities with a long history of design and control experience that provides a unique ability to rapidly develop and test prototype systems.

CSIM conducts basic and applied research in the areas of physical and chemical sensing, with an emphasis on fabrication and measurement techniques in microscale and nanoscale systems and structures; two-dimensional materials (graphene), superhydrophobic, electronic, and photonic nanomaterials, and development of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) devices and sensors.

CSIM plays a fundamental role in the development of motion planning, reasoning methodology, and advanced controls, as well as one-of-a-kind integrated system design, development, testing, and evaluation. Major R&D areas include large scale additive manufacturing as well as closed loop control; energy efficient and mesoscale hydraulics; dexterous manipulation of heavy payloads; smart materials for actuation and controls, and the development of “printed” and biomedical robotics.

Read more about CSIM’s participation in DOE’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative through ORNL’s Advanced Manufacturing R&D activities.



Ronald Ott, Director

Center for Sustainable Industry and Manufacturing




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