Advanced Materials


Science to Energy Solutions

ORNL is one of the nation’s most comprehensive centers for advanced materials and for interfacial chemistry research and this portfolio has given rise to over 60% of ORNL’s patents. By combining discovery science with applied science and working with industry to translate results into commercial technology, ORNL delivers new technology for energy generation, storage, transmission, and use, as well as improved efficiency across transportation, building technologies, industrial technologies, electric grid, and other applications. The close coupling of fundamental science to applications and technology transfer is a key strength of advanced materials research at ORNL.

Some of our success stories include:

  • Alumina-forming austenitic alloys licensed
  • RABiTS high-temperature superconducting technology licensed and in production to make energy efficient electrical transmission lines
  • Ductile Ni3Al superalloys licensed
  •  Mass spectrometry based sampling system developed and commercialized by AB SCIEX Partners with Advion BioSystems to allow analysis of drugs and other moleucles in tissues
  • Super 9Cr-Mo Steel Alloys developed for pressure vessels applications and are currently used worldwide in power plant boilers
  • ORNL HT-UPS ‘Lean” Austenitic Stainless Steels-Licensed
  • “Lab-on-a-Chip separtation technologies licensed to Caliper Technologies and used world-wide in rapid analysis of drugs, proteins and other markers in medical analysis.
  • CF8C-Plus Stainless Steel-Licensed
  • TMA 6301 and TMA 4701 Heat-Resistant Alloys-Licensed
  • High thermal conductivity carbon foam-Licensed and in production in products from integrated circuits to spot lights.
  • CSXX separation process based on ORNL chelator deployed at Savannah River Site to remove >99% of radioactive cesium from waste tanks, saving XX $B
  • Produced deep space power-thermoelectric generators to allow deep space exploration, such as the recent Discovery mission to Mars.
  • ORNL processing methods incorporated into the new Carbon Fiber Technology Facility dedicated to demonstrate new approaches to reduce the cost of carbon fiber.
  • ORNL iron aluminide license to powder producer forms basis for alloy used for hot-gas filters that currently are the ones of choice worldwide for coal gasification plants
  • ORNL delivers solutions to avoid floor and wall cracking in energy-intensive black liquor recovery boilers for the pulp and paper industry



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